Welcome to the 21st century, where marketing has redefined itself. Filter our choices of social media influencers to find the perfect embassadors for your brand.


Fitness, travel, beauty, family-oriented, you name it. We do a thorough search based on the type of influencers you want to have endorsing your brand, and do data analysis with their statistics to provide your best campaign yet.


Not only do we calculate CRM, but we also have our adored “Effort KPI”, created and copyrighted by us.


The Effort KPI is used to rank influencers. Instead of just focusing on CPM, the Effort KPI  simultaneously considers the reach of an influencer.
It’s better to prioritize bigger influencers since it takes the same time for us or your agency to create a post for a small or bigger influencer. Also, your campaign is more guaranteed to be seen by more people since the same person might follow many influencers, so targeting those big audiences is key.
Atndicator of small influencers with a big potential, so your campaign can still count with high quality microinfluencers as you wish.

We will be most happy to assist you with your influencer campaign. Get in touch and let’s liaise the details!

Why work with influencers?

  • Time Consumed in Preparing the Campaign
  • People Involved in Making the Campaign
  • Budget Involved in the Campaign
  • Selectivity of Viewers

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